Recent news(important news)|Matsui Japanese Candle Atelier

[Recent news](important news)Matsui Japanese Candle Atelier


2006: Our atelier was designated as an Aichi Quality Company (No. 313)


2007: Our atelier was designated as a Local Industry Resource


2010: Our atelier was included in an Aichi Prefecture Traditional Crafts Industry


2016: Our decorated candle was selected as a gift for world leaders at the Ise-Shima Summit


Matsui Candle Atelier produces genuine handmade Japanese candles using traditional manufacturing methods developed in the Edo era(17th-19th century). Handcrafted Matsui candles are characterized by delicate lines, beautiful growth ring patterns, and a large, bright, gently flickering flame.



Welcome to the alluring world of soothing light created by genuine Japanese candles.