Guide to Japanese candle painting experience|Matsui Japanese Candle Atelier

Guide to Japanese candle painting experience


Matsui Japanese Candle Atelier


Let’s try making your original candles.

We run on-site or off-site decoration workshops.


You can draw your original picture on a plain candle.


We welcome a wide range of people, including foreign tourists, students and artisans

We also conduct free atelier tours to view our manufacturing process upon request.


1 hour

(Monday-Saturday            10:00-15:00)



Please contact us in advance by e-mail or telephone.


Tel/Fax : +81-564-21-4207

E-mail : matsuirousoku@yahoo.co.jp


Matsui Candle Atelier produces genuine handmade Japanese candles using traditional manufacturing methods developed in the Edo era(17th-19th century). Handcrafted Matsui candles are characterized by delicate lines, beautiful growth ring patterns, and a large, bright, gently flickering flame.

Welcome to the alluring world of soothing light created by genuine Japanese candles.