Follow and develop the tradition


The candle of our workshop was selected as a  gift for the world leaders at the Ise-Shima Summit in 2016.


Established in 1907 Japanese candles as a traditional craft

We produce genuine handmade Japanese candles using traditional manufacturing methods developed in the Edo era (17th-19thcentury). Our candles are characterized by delicate lines, beautiful growth ring patterns, and a large, bright, gently flickering flame.

Welcome to the alluring world of soothing light created by genuine Japanese candles.

Our decorated candle was selected as a gift for world leaders at the Ise-Shima Summit in 2016.


Genuine Japanese candles from Matsui Candle Atelier

We define our candles as genuine Japanese traditional candles because they include only natural Japan wax, in contrast to most Japanese candles that contain chemical materials.


Use of natural materials only


The optimum material, sumac wax, minimizes dripping and produces little soot.


Our candles are not easily extinguished by the wind.

Criteria of genuine Japanese candles

The use of guaranteed natural Japan wax only.

Beautiful growth-ring patterns created through the manual and repeated layering of wax.

Matsui Candle Atelier

(Across the road from Okazaki Shinkin Bank)


2-33 Juo-cho, Okazaki, Aichi 444-0034

Tel/Fax: +81-564-21-4207


Online shop:

Opening: 9:00–17:00 (No fixed holiday)


[By car] Several minutes from the Okazaki expressway exit. We have a parking space adjacent to our atelier.


[By public transportation] Several minutes’ walk from Higashi-Okazaki Station (Meitetsu line)


[Recent news]

2006: Our atelier was designated as an Aichi Quality Company (No. 313)

2007: Our atelier was designated as a Local Industry Resource

2010: Our atelier was included in an Aichi Prefecture Traditional Crafts Industry

2016: Our decorated candle was selected as a gift for world leaders at the Ise-Shima Summit

~Normal pillar form

~Trapezial pillar form

~From professional (e.g. temples) to personal use~





~For use on a Buddhist altar or as an interior accessory~ 

With monochrome or colourful pictures




We will gladly inscribe a name or date for a gift.

Candle-related goods

Handmade iron candle holders

Original candle snuffer

Original candle quencher

Let’s try making your original candles.

We run on-site or off-site decoration workshops.You can draw your original picture on a plain candle.We also conduct free atelier tours to view our manufacturing process upon request.

1 hour

(Monday-Saturday            10:00-15:00)




We welcome a wide range of people , including foreign tourists,students and artisans.

Please contact us in advance by e-mail or telephone.


Tel/Fax : +81-564-21-4207

E-mail :